From Milkshakes To Beyond: A Culinary Odyssey!

Little did Gina and Anna Petridis know that their tryst with destiny would come hot on the heels of their brush with fame. For, never in history has the world been taken by storm by a more formidable mother-daughter duo! Their culinary journey began when they appeared as contestants on the popular reality TV show “My Kitchen Rules”. This experience ignited their passion for creating funky and unique dishes that showcased their creativity.

Their passion took a tangible shape, when they opened their first bistro in Manduka, Canberra, serving a wide variety of food, from savoury snacks, to deliciously delightful desserts. Within a few short months, the success of their venture could be seen in the form of long queues of people, waiting for a chance to partake in what was quickly becoming “Australia’s coolest destination”!


The Invention That Revolutionized Desserts!


Patissez’ Co-owner and Creative Head, Anna Petridis is credited with the creation of one of the greatest marvels in the history of culinary inventiveness- The FreakShake. Patissez had elevated the humble milkshake, transforming it into a pleasurable indulgence! Very soon, foodies in and around Manduka were treated to the never-before experienced sight of large colourful mason jars filled to the brim, and beyond, with every sort of topping imaginable- Salty pretzels, toasted marshmallows, cakes and even popsicles- making this a dessert unlike any other! The creation of this unrivalled dessert was a definitive milestone in their venture, and this success prompted them to open a second Patissez outlet in Civic.




Social Media Frenzy

Social media went into a virtual overdrive, when the photolicious pics of the inimitably scrumptious food served at Patissez, like the awesome FreakShakes and Neat Freaks, and even the incredibly-stuffed Freak Burgers, started going viral. There has been no looking back since!

Since then, Patissez has travelled far beyond their borders and have opened up several outlets in major tourist destinations like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Qatar. Now, it has entered the Indian Subcontinent as well.


The Patissez Promise


“To never cease creating awesome food, using only the freshest ingredients, and to always stick to providing quality service!”